About Us

Welcome to Doctivo Lifesciences

Doctivo Lifesciences is a market & customer-driven pharmaceutical formulation company. Our product development and manufacturing capability, coupled with our ability to market pharmaceutical formulations in many international markets.

Doctivo Lifesciences has already experienced commercial success in manufacturing pharmaceutical finished formulations in its WHO-GMP approved manufacturing plant and to Market products in healthcare market in many countries around the world. We have kept our option open to enter into other international markets with newer formulations to ensure our growth in coming years.

We are looking forward to have further enhanced growth prospect and future business opportunities through collaboration and strategic alliances in further dosage form development and manufacturing, contract manufacturing and forming Joint Venture with suitable business associates.

Our goal is to provide a broad portfolio of innovative, quality, effective and safe yet affordable products and services to patients through healthcare professionals around India & the world.

These strong pillars, the Core Values, which Doctivo believes in and constantly strives to build, are: Integrity, Passion for Excellence, Sustainability , Safety and Transparency.
We are committed to conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity, honesty and ethical standards in all of our operations and behaviour.
Passion for excellence means not doing extra-ordinary things, but doing ordinary things in all pursuits exceedingly well. Passion and excellence are forces that fuel each other on the exclusive path to leadership. As we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit.
We are committed to the value for all our stakeholders in a manner that respects our natural environment and serves best interests of the communities in which we live and work.
We are committed to conduct our business operations by practicing all safety norms and standards.
Openness that builds enduring trust Transparency implies openness. It is the opposite of secrecy. It encourages more informed decision making and aids in creating enduring trust among all stakeholders.


To frame a Business Model leading to most Ethical practices.

We strive to Change the expectation level of the end user – Patient by providing unmatched Quality of Health products. We strive to add Value to human Life Preserve and Improve human life through Innovation to ensure product quality, safety, reliability and excellence in everything we do.


Our Mission is to be leading pharmaceutical company in India and become a significant global player.

Our aim is to be a global player, will lead to the establishment of operation in the key markets of the world including the developing countries. We apply to enrich our people – our driving force, to become highly competent professional and technology based.